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Learn how to start and grow your own photography business with insider marketing tips, techniques and strategies on how to sell your photographs.

5 Reasons Photography Businesses Need Digital Asset Management

Photography has advanced quite considerably over the last decade with the rise of digital technology and whilst it has made our lives easier, it has also had the reverse effect and made our lives more complex.

For example the process of once cataloging our film negatives prior to sending them to the lab for printing may have been time intensive, but was relatively easily understood. But now with the rise of digital photography the process of cataloging has become more complex which can easily lead to confusion, overwhelm and disorganisation.

How To Communicate Value To Prospective Photography Clients

One of the hardest skills a photographer has to learn is how to effectively communicate the value of their photography to prospective clients so that they not only make sales, but more importantly get paid what they’re worth.

Getting paid what your worth isn’t easy and has been made even more difficult with the advancement in digital technology which has led to almost everyone owning a digital camera in the form of a smartphone, not to mention access to thousands of digital camera and photo editing apps.

Why You Shouldn’t Base Your Photography Pricing Off Competitors

One of the most common problems I see photographers make is choosing to base their pricing of that of their competition and then wonder why their photography business isn’t profitable.

It’s important to get your pricing correct from the get go, otherwise you’ll likely be faced with the prospect of potentially closing up shop and going out of business sooner than you think.

Why Your Facebook Page Is Destroying Your Photography Business?

You may not be the first, but you definitely won’t be the last to jump on the facebook bandwagon, joining countless others by creating a fan page for your photography business and it’s easy to see why this makes sense for the average photographer because chances are you already have a facebook account and the process of creating a facebook page is relatively easy compared to that of creating a website.