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Expert advice on how to correctly edit your photographs within applications like adobe lightroom and photoshop.

Why Is Photoshop Not Saving Colors Correctly?

Imagine capturing an image and investing hours post processing within Photoshop prior to achieving artistic gratification. The next day, happy with your accomplishment you’re ready to share your photography with the world.

Upon reopening the image within Photoshop you’re shocked to discover that the colors don’t look right, washed out or oversaturated and completely unacceptable.

How To Open Jpeg & Tiff In Camera Raw

Camera Raw’s interface makes it extremely easy to edit RAW image files with precision and can circumvent the need for additional (potentially destructive…) adjustments within Adobe’s Photoshop.

But, what if you don’t have a camera that shoots in raw? Can you still take advantage of Camera Raw’s nondestructive editing?

How To Change Sky Color In Photoshop Using Gradient Layers

A couple of years ago, I had taken to the skies for my first attempt at aerial photography. With my feet now firmly on the ground, I revisited browsing through hundreds of exposures in an effect to isolate worthy images.

It was long before I discovered an image with reasonable composition and positioning of the elements. Unfortunately, I had missed out on capturing the perfect light at dusk because of the flight time restrictions.

How To Configure Photoshop Color Settings

The first thing that you want to do with regards to color management inside of Photoshop is go ahead and configure color settings which is located under the “Edit” menu.

Now, if you’ve never played around with Photoshop color settings before these options may be quite daunting, however I’m going to reveal what you need to know in order to get started.

How To Create Black & White Photos In Photoshop

In Photoshop there are numerous ways of converting color images to black and white, but which method offers the most control and will deliver the best results?

This is a question I’ve asked myself many times and consequently have spent countless hours experimenting with post processing techniques in Photoshop unable to make up my mind…