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Expert advice on how to correctly edit your photographs within applications like adobe lightroom and photoshop.

How To Batch Resize In Photoshop

Performing Photoshop adjustments can sometimes take a lot longer than they should if you’re inexperienced and unaware of how to speed up your digital workflow.

Take for instance how to resize images which is a fairly straight forward task, however it starts to become complicated when you consider how to resize multiple images at once.

How To Make HDR Photos In Lightroom

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography has become extremely popular with photographers over recent years and it’s not hard to understand why…

Even though technology is rapidly improving, digital cameras still aren’t able to accurately reproduce how the human eyes interprets light which is why HDR photography is an essential technique that every photographer should learn.

How To Make A Panorama In Photoshop From Multiple Photos

In this article, I’m going to show you how to create a spectacular panorama using a tripod, multiple exposures and photoshop.

The image I’m going to be working with today was photographed in a small town called Akaroa (75 kilometers east of Christchurch) on the South Island of New Zealand.

What Is Soft Proofing In Photoshop?

One of the advantages of working on images inside of photoshop after raw conversion, is the ability to soft proof your images to a final output which in most cases for a photographer is a photographic or inkjet print.

So, what is soft proofing? Well, soft proofing is simply a technique that allows you to view on your computer monitor what your image will look like when it is printed onto photographic paper or any other medium, assuming that you have a calibrated computer monitor.

How To Feather Edges In Photoshop

As you start to become more advanced with your photoshop skills, you’ll undoubtably begin to create selections and layer masks on a consistent basis and depending on the type of adjustment you intend on performing your selection may need refining to better suit the outcome you are trying to achieve.

When I referred to the refinement of your selection, I’m really talking in terms of definition and how sharp the outer edge of your selection will be.