There is an amazing wealth of knowledge and education on internet that can be accessed for free, if you know where to look…

In this blog post I’m going to reveal the best photography podcasts that you should be listening too and learning from to not only improve your photography, but also the skills you require to become a professional photographer and successful business owner.

1. ) The Art Of Photography

The Art Of Photography - Ted Fordes

Category: General Photography
Host: Ted Forbes / iTunes / Website

The Art Of Photography is an in-depth video podcast which covers a wide range of photographic topics.

Ted Forbes does an amazing job of distilling artistic concepts, styles and techniques used by famous and not so famous photographers into meaningful, bit size pieces of digestible content that will inspire the future artistic direction and style of your photography.

2. ) Photo Biz Xposed

Photo Biz Xposed - Andrew Hellmich

Category: Business & Marketing
Host: Andrew Hellmich / iTunes / Website

The Photo Biz Xposed is an interview based podcast that aims to highlight how successful wedding and portrait photographers continue to thrive in today’s fragile digital economy.

Australian photographer and host Andrew Hellmich focuses on extracting actionable advice from his guests targeted around creating a profitable photography business.

3. ) Improve Photography

Improve Photography - Jim Harmer

Category: General Photography
Host: Jim Harmer / iTunes / Website

The Improve Photography podcast is predominantly for enthusiasts but also caters to professional photographers who want to learn everything there is to learn about photography.

Jim Harmer works hard at making each podcast episode unique with industry news, expert interviews and Q&A sessions for listeners of the show.

4. ) Tog Tools

Tog Tools - Stephen & Jess Robertson

Category: Business & Marketing
Host: Stephen & Jess Robertson / iTunes / Website

The Tog Tools podcast specialises in interviewing other experts within the photographic industry, exploring important topics relevant to building a successful photography business.

Hosted by Stephen and Jess Robertson experienced photographers from Southern California ask pertinent questions which achieve direct, measured answers from their podcast guests.

5. ) Tips From The Top Floor

Tips From The Top Floor - Chris Marquardt

Category: General Photography
Host: Chris Marquardt / iTunes / Website

Tips from the Top Floor is a weekly show about photography. It is brought to you by photographic mythbuster Chris Marquardt. When he’s not on a commercial assignment, Chris focuses on educating photographers through his podcast, workshops and apps.

6. ) Sprouting Photographer

Sprouting Photographer - Bryan Caporicci

Category: Business & Marketing
Host: Bryan Caporicci / iTunes / Website

The Sprouting Photographer podcast aims at teaching how to achieve success as a professional photographer through sustainable business practices.

Bryan Caporicci a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Fonthill, Canada is the founder and host of the Sprouting Photographer podcast which continues to grow and has become a wonderful resource for aspiring photographers.

7. ) Photography Marketing Masters

Photography Marketing Masters - Nigel Merrick

Category: Business & Marketing
Host: Nigel Merrick / iTunes / Website

Photography Marketing Masters is a podcast created by Nigel Merrick for professional photographers who are looking for motivation, inspiration and practical advice.

Each podcast episode Nigel interviews an experienced photographer or expert marketer who share the strategies and tactics that they used on their journey to building a successful career.

8. ) Martin Bailey Photography

Martin Bailey Photography

Category: General Photography
Host: Martin Bailey / iTunes / Website

The Martin Bailey Photography podcast is the perfect mix of art, technique, interviews, gear reviews and travelogue style episodes.

As you’ve probably guessed, it’s host is Martin Bailey a nature and wildlife photographer who is based in Tokyo, Japan. Martin’s passion for photography and his desire to share his knowledge with the world is contagious.

9. ) Fulltime Photographer

Full Time Photographer - Josh Rossi

Category: Business & Marketing
Host: Josh Rossi / iTunes / Website

If you’re interested in learning how to turn your passion for photography into a full time job then this podcast is for you.

Hosted by Josh Rossi a professional photographer who specialises in commercial and advertising photography. Josh’s insights and interviews with other experts in the photographic industry will leave you full of ideas on how to grow your photography business.

10. ) Fro Knows Photo

Fro Knows Photo - Jared Polin

Category: General Photography
Host: Jared Polin / iTunes / Website

The Fro Knows Photo podcast is hosted by Jared Polin an eccentric photographer who loves to discuss all things photography.

From Nikon to Canon cameras, lenses and accessories for your camera bag. Jared shares useful tips, tricks, reviews and personal views that will feed the photographer within.

Top 10 Educational Photography Podcasts